Monday, June 4, 2012

Information about Nordic Digital Summer School 20.-24.8.2012

Hello everyone!

We have put together some information about the Summer Seminar here in Pori for you. 

There are a few things that we would like to know at this point:

1. Please let us know as soon as possible when you are arriving to Pori and whether you will be leaving on Friday or Saturday (we're trying to figure out how many of you will be participating Friday's program).

2. Also, if you have the abstracts of the student presentations, would you send them to us, please (if you haven't already), and maybe a short abstract about the lecture too, if you have one? We will gather them into the blog so that everyone sees what will be going on.

3. Please also tell us if you or any of your students have any food allergies or diets. Also, if you could forward this message and the attachments to your participating students; that way they could contact us directly if needed.

You can send this information to our summer trainees e-mail address vtmtoi(a)

Program updates and other information will be updated also in during the summer. You will find it all in this blog.

Important phone numbers:

Jaakko Suominen +358 2 333 8100
Vaula Toivanen work +358 2 333 8121, cell. +358 44 255 2482
Taxi in Pori 0600 30033

Important e-mail adresses:

Jaakko Suominen, jaasuo(a)
Sari Östman, smostm(a)
Riikka Turtiainen, rmturt(a)
Vaula Toivanen, vtmtoi(a)

How to travel to Pori


You can fly from Tukholma (Arlanda airport) to Pori. The company organizing these flights is Blue1, There are flights coming to Pori on Sunday August 19th but none of them leave on Saturday25th.

From Helsinki there are no straight flights to Pori.


Bus from Helsinki-Vantaa airport there is a bus coming 5 to every hour (for example 13:55). For example if you leave from Helsinki-Vantaa airport at 12:55 you’ll be in Pori at 17:05.

On Saturdays there is a bus going from Pori bus station to Helsinki-Vantaa airport every hour. For example if you leave from Pori at 11:00 you’ll be at the airport at 15:05.

From Turku and Tampere there are no straight bus connections from the airport to Pori, so first you need to go to the bus station (for example by taxi) and then take a bus to Pori.


If you prefer to travel with a train, you can check the time schedules from the website of VR.

Hostel River

We have booked you rooms from Hostel River from Sunday 19th to Saturday 25th of August. The hostel is quite close to the University Consortium and the center of Pori.

The rooms in the hotel are for 2 or 3 persons. We have booked 10 rooms. The toilets and showers are along the corridor. The rooms are tidy and the bed sheets and towels are there already for you. Breakfast is included to the rooms.

There is also a sauna in the Hostel for you to use.

If you wish to a have own room (because rooms in Hostel River are for minimum 2 people) you need to get a room for yourself in a hotel of your hoping.

The map of Pori

The map of Pori. We have marked here some important places recarding your visit to Pori.


The sketch of the program

We will update the program during this summer.

If you want to find more information about Pori, visit the web site of Regional Tourist Agency Maisa

Follow the blog and do not hesitate to ask if there is anything you would like to know! Hope to hear from You soon!

- Vaula Toivanen
Summer Trainee


  1. Hi!

    Im looking forward to spending a week in Pori with everyone!

    In the programe it seems that there is 1,5 hour for 2 x presentation. Im wondering - How many minutes should our presentation be?

    // Louise

    1. Hi Louise!

      One presentation is 45 minutes long. So there is time for two presentations in 1,5 hours. In a 45 minutes presentation the presentation should last around 25 minutes so there is 20 minutes left for conversation about the presentation.

      We will send you instructions about the presentations later this week.

      See you soon!

      - Vaula